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Removing someone from a workspace

Darren Rose

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Hi @Daniel Dekel

Sorry to reopen this post but I've run into this same issue - staff who were full users but have been demoted to basic, but I'm trying to clean the workspace membership up but I'm getting the same error.

Please don't say I have to promote them back up to Full User before I can remove them, although this does work there a lot of staff to manually do this fix for....


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Hi @nasimg,

I spoke to the platform team and they have done the change. As from the next platform build (>3169) you will be able to remove the membership from basic user accounts.

Another change the platform made is removing references to workspaces when switching a User to Basic. So you won't have to go and remove the references user by user. That will only work in future changes you make.

This can take a few weeks to go to live, but you will see it in the release notes.



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