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We attended and appreciated your webinar about top tips and tricks to enhance the Hornbill Portal user experience this week. For us it worked well as a way to tick off that we have utilised the options available to us at this point.

However, working with external customers the portal is very important to us, so we have listed our top development suggestions for an enhanced customer experience here:

1. Possibility to add our own icons. As our product/service brands are familiar to our customers it would be terrrific for them to recognise the icons in the portal.

2. Sorting of Catalogue Items. Once created the order between Change requests, Service requests and Incidents can not be changed. Unfortunately we were not aware of this when setting up our services so they do not appear in the order logic to our customers, and we are unable to change that without re-creating the whole service from scratch.

3. Enhance the visibility of the "Login" on the landing page, preferably adding login and password boxes directly on the landing page removing the extra screen for entering login information. 

4. Possibility for customers added as connections to a ticket to view that ticket in the portal. 

5. Possibility to publish dashboards (and potentially documents) in the portal, visible for a specific customer.

6. Possibility to have the landing page in local languages.

7. Having the possibilty to structure customer organisations as parent/child and set visibility in the portal for the parent to view all child requests or not.

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There points resonate very closely to our own enhancements we would like to see to the Customer Portal and some we have already raised on the Forum.


@James Ainsworth, @Gerry

As the Service Portal is being consumed into the Live User App, is with worth having a separate section on the forum for the Customer Portal?




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Hi @Martyn Houghton

The Service Portal that sits outside the main application is still very active and currently in use by many customers.  There is still a lot of work being done on the Employee Portal (Service Portal within the main app) before we will be ready to make the move completely away from the current Service Portal.



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@James Ainsworth

Thanks for the update. My concern is that we are coming up on near a two year hiatus on making enhancements to the portal, especially for external customers, which means things are quite tired and functionality compared to other solutions has slipped.

As mentioned above, it would be useful to be able to collate all the existing and future Customer Portal enhancements and issue under a separate forum, so that these can be more easily managed/assessed as what can be done now in the interim situation and what needs to be prioritised for when the Employee Portal split is completed.  Obviously, if the Service Portal life-cycle is extending, which appears to be the case, some of these enhancements/issues may be applicable to the Service Portal as well.




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