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Auto update customer from PC custom form

Giuseppe Iannacone

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@Giuseppe Iannacone i see, so basically you have the need for one user to raise the request and for the manager of the new hire to have visibility of the request, and as you say currently you would need to be the customer of this request to see this on the portal.

I am not sure there is a workaround to this currently.

We do have a story for allowing Connections of a request to be able to view these on the portals, which i believe would give you the same outcome.

I will add you to this change and will post back here as this progresses.


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Hi Giuseppe,

The feature mentioned above for providing a view only access to a request for Connections is now available.  The view only access of a request is only available to full Collaboration Users and Basic Users.  These requests can be accessed under the My Services option within the Hornbill Client.



More information about this feature can be found here.  I hope that helps with your requirement.



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