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Creating Quick log call - Help needed


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Hi All, 

We would like to create what we are calling a 'Quick log call' (for Incidents and Service requests) for things we can automate - i.e Password resets but we are struggling with the following:


1 -  This is our progressive capture  however when we log the call it seems to loop back to the start and we see the customer details again followed by the already selected catalogue item.  I'm not expecting it to do this - what have I done wrong?


2 - Within the Progressive capture I understand we can use Request Templates (Autocomplete Progressive Capture Forms) but I'm unable to see how I do this?


3 - Business Process - As I'd like to automate this I'd also like to be able to assign the call automatically to the Analyst who's logging it - I've tried a number of option but each time I keep getting errors.  Can anyone advise if this is possible and if so how it's done?


Thanks in advance  :-)

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Hi @Tina,

How you doing? 

In relation to forms repeating when choosing a Catalog, I can explain with an example.

When you're raising an Incident, the "new incident" Progressive Capture form - I have included the Request Details. This is where I provided a summary and description.

Screen Shot 2018-09-21 at 14.00.40.png

Below, I have designed a Progressive Capture for my Catalog - I have only included forms that relate to my Catalog (i.e. Ask for Help) specifically. As you can see, I have not duplicated any forms that are already in the new Incident Progressive Capture. 

Screen Shot 2018-09-21 at 14.05.47.png

I believe that is the reason why the forms are duplicated - So perhaps review the Progressive Capture for the Catalog that you're selecting when raising a Request.

You would be able to find the name of the Progressive Capture for your Catalog in Service form > Request Config tab > Catalog Items section.

Screen Shot 2018-09-21 at 14.08.28.png

I hope this helps.


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@Tina In relation to auto-completing Progressive Capture forms using a Quick Log template - I am afraid that is not possible. The Quick Log Templates feature will only auto-populate the summary and description fields.

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@Tina In relation to the error with Automated Task in BPM - Notice in your screenshot that there is a red marker beside Team in Options section - You'll need to select the team that the creator would be a member for.

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