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Feature request - links

Darren Rose

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In Project Manager, would it be possible to add a section for links, a bit like bookmarks.

Our Project documentation managed in sharepoint, and it would be great to be able to add links to external locations within a project. If it was one of the options in the right hand panel by attachments for example, that would be ideal? 

If we could add default links to the project templates that would be good too. 



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@Nikolaj after speaking with our dev team I can confirm the following:

file:// is blocked by default by Angular due to security reasons. In our case, because this is an online service (not intranet) the link will not work unless you are in the same network.

So unfortunately only links that start with https:// or http:// are clickable. I appreciate it's a few extra clicks, but a workaround is to open the project link dialog box, copy the full link (file://) and paste it into your browser url bar. This will work for you because your are logged on to your internal network.



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