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Notifications on sub-status change not working


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Hi all,

Recently noticed that notifications within Hornbill are not triggering when a requests sub-status changes.

For example, I just placed a request on-hold pending a due date of 9:20am, then navigated back to the request list. When 9:20am came a notification did not appear in my notification area, despite the sub-status of the request changing.

From what I understand the notifications should derive from this setting here:


Is there an issue?

Thanks in advance

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Hi @dwalby

Thanks for the post.

I've just had a look into this and it appears that this is actually a missing element of functionality, notifications are sent correctly when updating via email or when manual updates are made, however it doesn't appear that this has ever been triggered by a request coming off-hold automatically.

I'll raise this internally so that this can be addressed.

Kind Regards,


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Hi there, I've been adding a few new sub status' today and they seems to be working fine.  I also want analysts to get a notification when one of the tickets is auto taken off hold and changed the following settings


But neither email nor the hornbill notifications appear to work.  I've tested manual sub-status changes and also auto off hold.  We have other notifications such as portal updates that are working ok.  Any advice appreciated.


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@dwalby afaik, the issue was fixed in SM build 1345 which was deployed earlier this month: FIX: Emailing owner and team fails when a basic user updates their request via the service portal {PM00153156}

I can see SM app in your instance is on a later build so you should not experience this issue... Is it not the case?

EDIT: I'll let Dave update this thread since there might be something that still needs fixing :)

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