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Change to change calendar?

Dan Munns

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@Dan Munns the dark blue square is the one you've selected and the light blue box is the current date. We'll be getting a patch out later today which will have a fix for this issue so you'll be able to schedule changes that complete on the same day.

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@Chaz thanks. 

I currently have 8 out of 12 changes which I am unable to log due to this. 

I have also noticed that even if the change completes on the day after I cannot select certain times.

EDIT: To clarify this, the change was set to start at 26/09/18 22:00:00 and end at 27/09/18 02:00:00 but I could only select 23:00:00 and 00:00:00 so it would seem that it has to be at least 24 hours after the start of the change.

Was this change mentioned in any of the patch notes as I cant seem to find it. 

Can we also have a fix to have the time selector act like the others (i.e. stay open until I want to close it rather than close after every click.) 

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