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Auditor - Role configuration

Dan Munns

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@Victor they need access to all requests (Service Requests / Incidents and Changes) to be able to carry out the audit fully. They will select a random group to a set % of the tickets logged and go through them to make sure they follow process and have no compliance issues etc.

Admin settings they need no access to as anything they need I will pull the report myself.

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@Dan Munns - so they will need all the "view" roles for each request type. However, you will still have the "issue" of visibility based on teams supporting services. So they really need to be in a team... so, why not create a temporary team ("Audit Team") where you make all auditors members. Set up this team to disable request assignment to any of its members. Then subscribe this team to each service. I think this is a simpler approach than making the auditors member of each team...

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