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Requester Notification - Update By Ticket Owner - Service Portal


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Hi guys, 


We are in a position whereby we would like our requester's to use the portal as much as possible rather than going forward and back with emails. 

I have been digging high and low for a setting that will ensure the requester of a ticket will get an email notification when an analyst updates the ticket via the portal, thus pushing them onto the portal to see this update. 

Is there a setting for this somewhere? 



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Hi @Jack_Podmore there isn't currently a setting to notify the customer of the update using the 'Update' option on a request - you can of course use the email action option to both update the request and for the customer to receive an email update

We do have a story for improvements in this area and i have added you as an interested party and we will post back here as this progresses.


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