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High-Level Resource Estimation


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Hi all,

Does Project Manager have any capability to output a high-level resource estimation for projects?

Currently we use an Excel document with a list of all our projects spanning 2 years, with a resource estimation (Number of Full Time Employees) committed next to each month. Could Project Manager, Advanced Analytics  and/or Reports be setup to do this?

Thanks in advance

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Hi @dwalby, thanks for your post.

Project Manager doesn't currently have the ability to do resource estimation, but if I'm understanding correctly, is this what you are looking to achieve:

As it stands, when you record time against project tasks, this can be viewed in a gantt chart that shows time recorded per resource for a given time period. I'm assuming you'd like to see some similar functionality to this and possibly even compare planned time with actual time throughout and at the end of the project lifecycle?

Project stakeholders and their project rate(s) can already be added to a project, and I'm guessing that you'd like to make use of this information in your estimations as well, e.g. for financial forecasting?


Screen Shot 2018-09-19 at 16.26.55.png

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@alextumber almost, however as we're looking to make resource estimations for projects 2 years in advance we won't necessarily know or have the tasks populated within the projects.

Essentially we want to be able to make a very high-level resource estimation for each project to determine how much resource from each team is required to deliver a project, measured in FTE (Full-time-employee) time.

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