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Request Card's to include Organisation

Martyn Houghton

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Is it possible to configure the content of 'Request' cards add to the Board Manage App?

At the moment it only appear to include the Reference, Summary, picture of the analyst and status.

We would like to have the option, on a board basis, to include

  • Contact/CoWorker
  • Organisation
  • Sub Status
  • Service/Catalog
  • Service Level



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@Martyn Houghton The Board business process integration is kind of set up already to support this

In the option to Add Card To Board if you don't choose Application then you should be able to set your own Content and in doing so inject your own request variables using the variable picker


Having tested this, i have come across a few issue which i have fed back to the dev team which currently means you can't set your own content and inject the variables you wish, so you can't get the result you are looking for just yet.  We'll post back here as these issues are addressed - in the meantime it would be the default attributes you have mentioned.



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@Martyn Houghton ok, sorry i wrongly assumed you were using the BPM for adding to board - i'll raise the question about setting the content of the card types when configuring the boards.

In regards to the BPM option, it is a little involved.

1. If you choose App and or Card Type you are limited to the default content (i.e. you can't inject variables) and two way links from the request > board and board > card are maintained

2. If you don't choose an App or Card Type, you can still link back from a card on a board to the request but you won't have a link from the request > board and the drag and drop assignment is an issue on the boards

3. If you have a Card Type but no App you can link back from the card to the request and from request to the board but you can't set the content and the drag and drop assignment is an issue on the boards

I've fed the issues back and we'll look at addressing these


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