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@Nikolaj i don't believe it is possible to change the owner however the assignee can be changed and also there is an option for other users to complete a colleagues task with the following enabled


Complete Someone Else's Task on a Request

This feature allows a user to complete tasks that are assigned to another person. Supporting teams of a service that is associated to a request will be respected otherwise if a request is not associated to a service, then the user can complete tasks that are assigned to the user's team(s) members.


  • Default is Off
  • If enabled a user would require one of the following roles in order to use this feature - Incident Management Full Access, Change Management Full Access, Problem Management Full Access, Release Management Full Access, Service Request Full Access
  • To complete an Activity that is assigned to another person, the logged on User must be a member of a Supporting Team of the Service that is associated to the request. If the request is not associated to a Service but is assigned to a team, then the logged on User must be a member of the team that the request is assigned to.
  • The Quick Complete check icon that lets you complete an Activity without opening the Activity is not currently available to users that are not the owner or the assignee of the activity. In order to complete another person's activity on a request, the activity must be opened and the Complete button used.
  • This does not effect Authorisation Tasks, which can still only be completed by the assignee / owner
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