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BPM warning message did not clear after the changes had been made

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Myself and @samwoo have encounter the issue which I believe is a bug related to the warning of the nodes which did not disappear after the changes been made.


The code look like this:

New Starter Request for &[functions.pcf("frm_NewStarterDetails","h_custom_a")] &[functions.pcf("frm_NewStarterDetails","fld_surname")]
'''Start Date:''' &[functions.pcf("frm_NewStarterDetails","h_custom_b")]
'''Name:''' &[functions.pcf("frm_NewStarterDetails","h_custom_a")] &[functions.pcf("frm_NewStarterDetails","fld_surname")]
'''Job Title: ''' &[functions.pcf("frm_NewStarterDetails","fld_jobtitle")]
'''Company:''' &[functions.pcf("frm_NewStarterDetails","fld_company")]
'''Location:''' &[functions.pcf("frm_NewStarterDetails","fld_starterloc")]
'''Team/Department:''' &[functions.pcf("frm_NewStarterDetails","fld_starterteam")]
'''Managers Name:''' &[functions.pcf("frm_NewStarterDetails","fld_manager")]
'''Managers Phone Number:''' &[functions.pcf("frm_NewStarterDetails","fld_managerPhone")]
'''Authoriser:''' &[functions.pcf("frm_NewStarterDetails","fld_starterauth")]
'''Requires the same access as:''' &[functions.pcf("frm_NetworkAccess","fld_similarAccessName")]

Also double checking the summary and the warning flowcode is not there (email address).

Similar warning flowcode for this:


&[functions.pcf("frm_NewStarterDetails","h_custom_a")] &[functions.pcf("frm_NewStarterDetails","fld_surname")] who is a new starter starting on 
&[functions.pcf("frm_NewStarterDetails","h_custom_b")] who needs access to ####
Refer to the following New Starter Request for more details:[[https://live.hornbill.com/wbcservicedesk/servicemanager/request/view/&[global["inputParams"]["requestId"]]]]

the warning flowcode is not there (answer 18).

I think it a bug but would appreciate for your help to investigate this.

Aaron :)

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@Aaron Summers,

can you email the process to victor via support, raise a support request using the webform (https://www.hornbill.com/support/) or send it to me on here, and we can take a look. I did put a change in recently to clear old param values that were being stored in metadata but if you are still getting this issue there must be another area where it is storing old refs.


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Thanks for getting back to me,

I have rechecked and it still there but when I click on cog and the close it, it disappeared, I clicked validate and published the latest version, I can confirm that the warning is now gone.

Thank you for your help!

Aaron Summers :)


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