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Time Spent Field


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We are currently building Service Manager and configuring our processes.

Within Supportworks, we have a mandatory "time spent" field which is prompted to the analyst when logging, updating and resolving a request. This would be a great addition to Service Manager as it will help us to determine how much time/cost is associated with a request, whether it be an incident, problem, change etc.

I have only found the "time spent" field within activities in Service Manager - is there a setting that needs to be enabled to prompt for time spent when updating, resolving etc? If not, are there any plans to moving forward?

Thanks - any ideas welcome

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Hi @Lauren 

The time spent is written to the time sheet manager app, and you can enable a plugin to Service Manager which will allow for the recording of time against any request action item you choose to enable it for.

Hopefully the following link will help



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