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Suspend - Waiting for Workaround details


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I am currently working on our Problem and Known Error processes in Service Manager.

As part of the Problem process, I would like the process to wait for the workaround tab to be populated before it can move on. I think I've located, under "Wait for Request Update" (Action Focus = Workaround), the way to do this however the process is just skipping this node.

Is there a specific node I need to put prior to the Wait for Request Update node? I've configured various other processes with "Wait for Request Update" nodes (other action focuses, including resolution etc.) and don't recall ever having issues with those.



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Hi @Lauren we don't have a suspend await workaround as of yet, but we do have an existing story to add this option.

I have added you as an interested party and as this progresses.

The suspend wait for update will just wait for any update rather than the workaround 

Whilst waiting for this capability, you could add a task - which asks the question - Is a workaround available? not ideal but it may act a prompt for the user to add this manually and then complete the task.


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