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Availability Notification

Logan Graham

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Hi Guys,

Hoping you could help me, I am wondering if there is a function in Hornbill for me as a manager of a team to see everyone's availability status or get a notification about whey they go offline/DND/Available. I know I am able to go to the admin section and actively find the user but it would be nice if I could have something in my everyday screen where I could see what a member of my team has set their status to. 

Any help would be great.


Logan G

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Hi @Logan Graham 

There isn't a notification when your staff change their availability status or go offline however there is a view in the user app (main UI) where you can view all users and see both their Status and Presence.

Under Home > Co-workers you can group by Manager

You can then using the paging to find yourself and all the users you manage (i.e. where you are marked as manager on their user profile)

In the list you will see both Status and Presence

* If there is no Status shown against a user, they are set to Available

* If there is no Presence shown against a user, they are offline

Below we can see Alan is online but status is set as At Lunch, BrianB is offline and status of On Holiday.


Hope that helps



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Sorry to tag onto the end of this...


Is there an option to disable users from being able to set their own status? We have noticed some "bias" in the round robin function of assigning calls which one or two users are adamant is due to "the system"


without being in the office and watching constantly it is difficult for us to see when exactly people are available, at lunch or "in a meeting"


any help?

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