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Enhancement: Remove "undefined" text

Dan Munns

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Hi all, 

I know I have raised this issue numerous times before for various fields within SM (and probably this one as well but I can't find it now) 

Can we have ALL fields within SM just show as blank if they are indeed blank. On mapping PC answers to custom fields, and then using these custom fields in the details pane, they show as 'undefined' if a value has not been mapped to them.


These two are mapped from PC answers (which in this case were not answered) to custom fields P and Q


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As a temporary workaround, it is possible to update the mappings to use a blank string when the value is undefined.

if you update the mapping from

Custom A Contents: &[global["flowcode"]["customFieldA"]]
Custom A Contents: &[global["flowcode"]["customFieldA"] || ""]

Then when the value is undefined, it will use a blank string instead.



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