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Allocating assets to new starters/Wait for Linked Assets - Enhancement


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Hi all,

Please could I request the ability to suspend a request with "Wait for Linked Assets"?

Usage Scenario - When completing new starter requests we're required to allocate a laptop to the user, this exists within a checklist within an activity but sometimes it gets missed by the owner/analyst (Because checklists aren't currently mandatory) and causes a bit of an asset management headache as the laptop can then get linked to another starter request.

Alternatively, if anyone has any suggestions on how to better approach this please feel free to recommend.


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Hi @dwalby

We are currently working on the capability to make the checklist completion mandatory on tasks, as such hopefully this would allow you to enforce the completion of each checklist item - would this work for you?

Please see the related post below where we have indicated this capability will be available shortly - feel free to contribute on this thread if needed :)


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