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Wiki markup to open a page on the same tab

Paul Alexander

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I'm trying to set up a redirect from a ProCap to another procap (we want to share a ProCap with a couple of different services so which means that people may go looking for a particular Catalog Item in more than one place, under more than one service). What I'd like to do is to redirect them from one service procap to the right one, but to have this linked ProCap open up in the SAME tab as the original one. 

I've set it at the moment using single square brackets [https://www.google.com] as opposed to double square brackets (as per the Wiki markup page (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Help:Cheatsheet) but it's still opening in a separate tab.


Is this a Hornbill 'thing'? Or is there a way of getting these links to open in the same tab please?




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Hi Paul,

Have you tried the Switch Capture node in progressive capture?  You can have a branch node following a custom question form that branches to different progressive captures.



In most cases a link will open a new tab. This is to protect any previous information that has been entered.  I tried a few different formats with the wiki markup, but nothing there to keep it on the same tab.



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Hi @James Ainsworth

We have tried the 'Switch Capture' however this still logs the ticket under the original Service (which is what we're trying to prevent).

Basically, we're having a rethink about what we call our Services, and we're looking to offer one called 'Report a fault with software' which will hold a CI to allow people to tell us when there's a fault with some specific software (obviously). However, for some software we'd like these requests to be logged under a different service (for instance our Estimating service) which reporting. We know from previous experience that people won't bother looking for the RIGHT CI to use, just the EASIEST one, so what we'd like to do is to be able to allow people to use the 'Report a fault with software' CI, but for it to be logged under the Estimating service instead. 

As mentioned, the 'switch Capture' node doesn't change the service, so we were hoping to have a hyperlink to replace the current tab with the correct tab.

Does that make sense?! It's early....;)


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Hi @Paul,

There isn't a way to currently change the Service on a request after it has been raised.  The service determines a lot about the request.  Everything from the Service levels to the BPM being used to drive the request.  Switching the service after the request has been raised would have an impact on all the info held in the request.

Even if the link opened on the current browser tab, this has the potential of losing any information that  the user previously entered. 

Out of interest, would you mind letting me know how many services you have?  Is there something in the portal that is leading the customers to the wrong service that we could improve on?

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Hi @James Ainsworth


Thanks for the response....

In answer to your question, we currently have 43 separate services, although we're trying to consolidate some of these to make them a little easier to navigate. 

For instance, we have an 'old' service called 'Applications and Software', and within this service we have CI's for reporting faults and errors with either general or specific software (for instance we a CI for reporting a fault with our finance software specifically, and another for logging a fault with other, non-specific software). The reason for having them separate is that IF there is a fault with the finance software, we need to get on it very quickly, and a specific team within the Service Desk gets involved whereas other 'not-so-important' software faults can be dealt with at a more leisurely pace.

On top of this, the finance package software has it's own service because we need to be able to log tickets for people to request access to the software, and to make changes and additions to the functionality of that software. 

We know that users won't necessarily read the blurb on a service or a CI. So, if they go to the portal and want to report a fault with this finance software, they will go one of two ways....they'll either go to the Applications and Software service and, if they see the separate CI for logging an issue with the finance software, they'll use that. However, if they see a CI for logging faults for 'software' in general, they won't bother looking any further and use that. OR they'll think that they're using the financial software, see the service for that and choose the CI there.  

This will mean that we could have the same tickets logged under different services....and we'd like them all to be logged under ONE service. Hence wanting to be able to skip OUT of a CI and be redirected to the correct form on the same tab (so that we can guarantee the ticket will be logged under the correct service). We're not worried about losing any information that the user will have entered as we'd make sure that the 'jump' happens before any info is provided. 

As you can tell it's a little difficult to explain! But hopefully you've got an idea of why we're asking about this! 

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