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Monthly Service Management Podcast

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I was thinking about starting a monthly podcast to discuss Service Management topics. I think it would be great for the Hornbill Community to hear your views on industry news, emerging technologies, new practices and the challenges of Service Management and how they can be addressed.

I've participated in a number of podcasts in the past, but they're usually hosted by vendors, industry analysts , or consultants.  I think there's a real need to hear from practitioners and get their thoughts about our industry. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience within the Hornbill Community and we'd all benefit by sharing it. 

At this stage, I'd like to see whether any of you might be willing to get involved, either as a regular host, or just appearing as a guest.  It would probably take no more than 45-60 mins of your time. If there's sufficient interest, I'll start thinking about the logistics of putting this together.

If you're up for being a host, or a guest, please let me know, and if there's enough interest I'll put a rough framework together to kick things off.  

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