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Timeline/Collaboration on assets


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Hi all,

Would it be possible to add a 'Timeline' when viewing an asset? This would be a useful feature to capture historical information on the asset.

I understand that currently linked requests appear when viewing an asset, but sometimes there'd be times where it'd be useful to have a timeline to capture information outside of the scope of a request.

Thanks in advance

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Hi @dwalby

There is an existing History option for viewing changes to the asset.  This will only show once the first change to the asset has taken place.  If you don't see this icon, it will be because the asset is still in its original state.  This is available within the Asset Management.


If this is not what you are looking for and would still like to use a timeline, I'd be interested to understand what types of things you would like to capture.  As mentioned, the timeline on an asset is available with Configuration Manager and for assets that are In-policy.   The asset timeline is a little different from a request.  It is more of a place to discuss and collaborate and it does not capture all the changes to the fields (which is done in the History). 



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@James Ainsworth - Thanks for the response. Just as an example, the other day we had a user who left their laptop on their desk after leaving for the day, we moved this into secure storage until they returned. Not sure this would warrant a 'Service Request' as such and therefore figured it'd be useful to capture the reason it was moved into storage whilst also updating the Location field.

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