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Customer Portal - Where to limit CIs


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Good Afternoon, 


Apologies if this is the wrong area, But is there a way to easily only show certain CI's / Portfolio items on the customer Portal. Currently every CI i have on the Service portal shows on the Customer one?

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Hi @Awalker 

The visibility of catalog items to individual users (service portal) or contacts (customer portal), is governed by the services they are subscribed too, and the catalog items created against each of these services.  

If you do not have any users / groups / external organisations subscribed too the services then they will be visible to all users.  If you have a need for some serviced / CI's to only displayed on the service portal, then you would need to add the subscribed groupings to those services - if you have an internal organisation which all internal staff are subscribed too then this should be quite straight forward to achieve.


If you have a need to only show certain CI's to certain users / contacts you can use the visibility options against each CI in each service to control which CI's are displayed or not.


Hope this helps


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