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Simple List Updating


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The "Simple Lists" custom role... it only has DB rights to h_sys_lists table... :blink: ... That's not sufficient... when users perform actions the system read data and writes data in many tables... for example retrieving application options or translations... 

May I suggest creating this custom role as a copy of the "Admin Role". Strip down this copy role of its rights to only leave the "lists" rights... leave the DB rights tab untouched... see if it works with this copy role...

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I'm not sure I quite understand what I need to do here.  We got the Simple Lists role working earlier this year after software updates so that Users could add/update/delete entries by amending it slightly - see this post:

Now it's stopped working again, probably due to changes made in recent software releases. 

In respect of your proposed solution, I wouldn't have a clue what to strip out/leave in from a copy of the Admin Role in order to make this work. 

The existing role Simple Lists was working previously.  Surely it should be just a case of making the odd minor tweak here or there to get it working again.  The idea of this role was to give development staff the bare minimum permissions required for Simple Lists.  If I give them a stripped back Admin Role, I'd be concerned that I'm giving them too much rather than not enough.

Any other suggestions? Or have a completely misunderstood your advice?

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6 minutes ago, Stuart Torres-Catmur said:

The existing role Simple Lists was working previously.

Ah, ok, I understand... don't worry about my previous suggestion then.

Based on the screenshot (which seems to be form an older post) it seems your custom role is missing this right:


Try adding this right to it and see how it works.

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