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This might be a big ask but would it be possible to have a little bit more content in the patch notes? 

With recent updates, due to holidays and general workload, I have not had too much chance to keep up with the forums and I feel like I am missing a lot of useful information about what has been released (fixes, changes or new stuff).

Am I the only one? Is this something you could consider?


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I think what would be worth it is maybe the contents of the patch notes could have their own page on the wiki and added to over time? I've seen this done elsewhere for multiple products (game patches, application patches etc ) and it's really good as we can then bookmark a single page that contains all the details of all the releases. Just a thought?

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2 hours ago, Victor said:

I do have something in mind for this. I did not have the time to progress it though... :( 

:unsure: I hope your mind brings it back to reality

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