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Email Template - Translations

Martyn Houghton

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Are there any plans to add support the creation of  Email Template Translations, i.e. you have one Email Templates, such as 'RequestMessage' one which has the option to hold translated versions in addition to the default one, with the correct one being selected based on the 'Customers' language?

This would fit in with only being able to select a single default request message template on the service, where as at the moment we would have to create seperate templates for each lanuage and use separate services or only send emails via the BPM where we can determine which email template to use.



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Hi Hornbill
Anything on this. We work in 8 languages and being able to use templates rather than manually writing everything or using snippets would help a lot.

Also when building BPM's it's a hassle to need to branch every process 8-ways depending on language as soon as customer communications is neccesary.

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@Martyn Houghton

I just started testing using ESP conditions as a workaround.

Some text in Swedish and then the condition '{{Customer Contact.H_language}}'='sv' then another text in English and the condition '{{Customer Contact.H_language}}'='en-GB'

This works as expected but is a bit fiddly so proper translations would be preferred.





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@Martyn Houghton
'{{Customer Contact.H_language}}'='en-GB' AND {{.h_customer_type}} = 1 works as expected
But I noticed in your example above there are ' ' around the en part of the language code rather than the full code. Or maybe that was just a copy/paste error in your post.

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