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Additional column in request list view for "Assigned On"


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Good afternoon

Please could we ask for a 'transferred on' column to be created for the request list view? We have jobs passed around teams, and it would be useful for our teams to know when the job was last transferred and thus when it arrived in their job queue.

With over 2,000 jobs open at any one time, it would a quicker way of realising what is new in your workload.

Thanks in advance,

cc: @Gemma Morrison

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As a workaround you might want to consider using a custom Sub Status of New. We use this method in our workflow, setting the Status to Open and the Sub Status to New when it passed between teams. 

We use the Sub Status rather than setting back to the Status 'New', so all the requests still appear on the active list in the request list.

Will not tell you when it was transferred but help to highlight or filter by it on the Request List.



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