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Live chat limited to certain customers and routed to more than one team?


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We work with external customers worldwide and our customer servicedesk staff sit in offices around the world providing support in local languages. We now get requests for offering chat support and would then like to be able to restrict it to the customers that are paying extra for that service. Reading wiki information it does not seem like it is possible to make chat available only to certain customer organisations, or am I missing something?  Also, for us it would be essential to be able to route the chat calls to the local team giving support to that specific customer - creating specific team inboxes, in the same way we can do with email.

Could you advise me if this is possible today, or if it is in your development plans? Thanks!

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At this moment both are not possible, however, supporting multiple teams is the next highest priority change in the backlog for Live Chat. This will likely be done using Service Domains and something similar to service subscriptions the exact details of this have not been decided on yet but when support for multiple teams is provided is very likely going to be possible to restrict who has access.

Kind Regards

Trevor Killick

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