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When we set up FAQ's against a service can you:

  • Have it so when you select a service it displays all associated FAQ's against that service
  • Can you accept an FAQ at the time of logging to resolve the request to the user with those details
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The new experimental Knowledge Centre options allows for the display of Servie's FAQ's in the progressive capture process.


I think @Steven Boardman has mentioned in other posts on this subject about development work to have the ability to link/accept an FAQ, but I do not believe that this is available yet.




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@Victor sorry I have been on leave, I know that you can use the FAQ at resolution stage, but we were wondering when you log a request and the FAQ appears in the Knowledge centre if you select it, it just shows the FAQ details. We would like to be able to 'mark this as the solution' to automatically resolve the job so that you don't need to log the request then go into it an then select the FAQ etc, we were hoping to jump a lot of steps especially when we are busy at peak times!

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