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SLA not updating when priority is changed


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When changing a requests priority the SLA target resolution date is not changing to match the new priority. Does anyone know if this is a standard feature of hornbill or should the requests resolution update when the priority is changed?

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You logged this under Configuraiton Manager,  but I am presuming you are referring to SLAs for requests in Service Manager?

If you are, the following might answer provide some answers to how it currently works, but in short the rules which can include priority are only used to identify the SLA when the timer is started. Rules are not used/applied after this point. You would adjust the Service Level not the Priority.



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Hi @hollyp

The link provided by Martyn should give you some answers on how to do this.  Also, I wanted to mention that we are also working on some new options which will provide more automation when information against a request changes, the Service Level will automatically reflect the changes and make any needed adjustments to the Service Level.



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