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Transfer custom field data to a linked requests


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Guest Paul Alexander

Transferring custom field information to a linked ticket would be good for us too....so Plus One for me please.....

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Hi @SJEaton

We do have an existing change in the backlog which relates to the post mentioned by @Martyn Houghton.  Just to confirm that this change to to transfer information over to a new request that is created from the Linked Request option.  This wouldn't apply to requests that are linked when they have already been created.

I've added you and @Paul Alexander to the change.  This is not currently scheduled but the added interest does help promote the priority.  I'll update this post if there is any news on this change.



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Hi @James Ainsworth

Ok so I'm trying to get around this now as another snag is that I am raising a linked request that I then want to generate email templates that will include custom field variables from the original request.

I have updated the request description by pulling through some custom fields into it.  Is there a way to then convert these into custom fields for this request or am I clutching at straws here?


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