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When there are routing rules configured to automatically raise a request from an email or update a request from an email, any email attachments will not be added to the request. This is simply because the routing rule operations to raise and update a request are not designed to process attachments. This functionality is currently being developed and will be introduced in a future update. In this scenario, the attachments via the email itself. For request updates, the email added to a request timeline can be accessed using the "View Email" option available on the timeline entry created when the email was applied to the request. For new requests raised, the email can be accessed using the "Source" option available in request details section. 

Note1: The above does not apply when a request is manually raised or updated from an email, in which case, the attachments will be added to the attachments section of a request.

Note2: When manually raising a request from email, the attachments will be added to the attachment section of the request only if the progressive capture flow contains the "Add Attachments" form.

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