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I am just wondered about this area. I have run it last week to re-index everything within Hornbill and the last time I checked was around 6 days and something (still running) on Thursday. It was massive so we know it going to take awhile to finish it job.


When I checked today, I do not see these background jobs appear anywhere even in "Succeed" section. So there is no information to tell me how long it takes etc so that we can work it out in the future preparation to put in place to schedule for re-index.


Or perhaps it would show else in the system?

Aaron :)

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@Aaron Summers

So the list of background jobs is maintained only in server memory so when the service get an automatic update and restarts the list is cleared. There have not been any updated recently so not sure when this list has cleared, you can re-run the index with "new" only option and it should continue where it left off if it had not already completed. 

Kind Regards

Trevor Killick

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