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Release Management Catalogue Item

Michael Sharp

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Is there a roadmap for having a Release Management catalog item function?  We would like to add an option for an enhancement request on our portal for end users to submit and would like approved adjustments to be added to the change calendar without getting mixed in with our RFCs which are reserved for more global changes.  Release Management in our environment would be our case management system so would include adjustments to case workflows, templates, custom fields/forms etc.



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Hi @Michael Sharp we don't have any imminent plans to introduce catalog items for release management.  I don't belief these would be offered on the portals, as typically you would provide a mechanism for users to make requests for change, and off the back of a change process (or part of it), you would manage the release cycle, compared with allowing users to directly request releases. 

I take your point on the change calendar, but if you had a service against which you allowed enhancement requests - as changes, you would be able to filter those changes displayed to only 'My Services', so for other users in teams which did not support the service against which enhancement requests were raised, they would not see these one's when in the 'My Services' view on the Change Calendar


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