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Is there a way to show the authorisations on a more permanent basis? We show it as part of the BPM when a change or request gets to a specific point, but there are occasions that we would like to change the authorisors or add more on the fly which we are finding very difficult.

How do others work with this issue?

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@Victor I feel that I have left you in the dark about this, after being all alone! 

This has reared its head again, so an example that we have today is that during changes we add the relevant authorisors, but sometimes the analyst has entered these incorrectly or there needs to be more added. Currently, in the BPM we have a task that says 'Let me add an authorisor' after this task the key symbol appears where we can add authorisors, but once this is done the key disappears and we cannot change/add authorisors. 

We would like a way to turn this 'on' in the Actions section in the Services for all request types (see highlighted image below)



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