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Times are an hour behind when exported from request list


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If I export the request list into excel the times jump back an hour

In the example below the request list says 16.10


and in excel 15.10

MHC    20/08/2018 15:10

this seems to be the same for all date fields but doesn't happen with tickets logged prior to the change to BST.

I was sure I had seen something about it before on the forums but couldn't find it today,  so if I've missed it sorry.




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@HGrigsby - when you export the request list, the information is being pulled from the database directly. It will use the information that is stored in the database and for date/time value that will be the values in GMT/UTC time. When you open the request list you are viewing it in your user context and the date/time values are automatically converted and displayed based on your user timezone settings (which is BST = GMT + 1).

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Thanks again Victor - the time difference keeps cropping up in the change process too, emails that are sent after a change is approved are an hour out too.  I think one of my colleagues raised a support call for this a while back.


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@HGrigsby - I think I advised at that time that you were probably using custom fields of VARCHAR type which stores that date as character (a string). You would need to use custom fields od DATE/TIME type... In any case, if you give me some more info here or in a new topic I can look into it... 

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