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Recurring mailbox connection issues due to incorrect credentials

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We are having a repetitive issue with one of our Outlook mailboxes dropping out of integration with Hornbill.  Each time, the error appears to be a password reset issue, but nobody is doing this and the account is set to Password does not expire.

I've had to reset the passwords in both Active Directory and Hornbill several times over the last two weeks for <email address removed> to resolve this.

Has anyone got any clues as to what the issue might be please?  This is not a newly set up mailbox.  We've been using it for a few months now.


Admin Edit: Confidential or sensitive information removed (email address)

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  • Victor changed the title to Recurring mailbox connection issues due to incorrect credentials

Hi @Stuart Torres-Catmur

There is nothing that Hornbill will do anything relating to password changes, apart from regularly logging onto the mailbox to check for mail (IMAP I presume). I would suggest asking your mail or AD system admins if there have been any recent changes to your password policies. 

In terms of diagnostics, when the problem occurs you could try logging into the AD account manually with the same credentials and see what it tells you, there should be some way of getting more details out of AD as to what is happening with the account. 


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@Stuart Torres-Catmur

We have a similar issue with one of our mailboxes. 

We tracked it down in the end to one of users who had in the past attempted to setup email connectivity to the Exchange mailbox from Windows Mail (to check connectivity at the time for a different issue) by the AD Failed login events. 

Windows Mail would get launched every so often on the persons machines, remember the connection details and then attempt to connect a number of time with out of date credentials and trigger a temporary lock out on the account.



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