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Hi @Victor Thanks for the info. I have given the role to one of our service desk analysts and refreshed their SM instance, but they're not seeing an option to restart the process. Does this only show when the call is in a certain status? Screen shots of analyst roles and a request. Thanks



EDIT by Admin: Screenshot edited and removed private/confidential/sensitive information (names)



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@AndyHodkinsonPrincesIT - only a broken/failed process can be restarted.

24 minutes ago, AndyHodkinsonPrincesIT said:

if they made a mistake and added the wrong authoriser.

I am interested to know how can this happen? Perhaps it would be worth thinking about how we can prevent/stop the mistake happening in the first place? Theoretically, there might be a number of options to consider such as having additional validations in the business process for the authorisers...

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