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Date fields not showing in Progressive Capture on the Self Service Portal or Service Manager


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All of a sudden we are now having an issue where Custom Date fields are not being shown in the Self Service Portal and Service Manager when we raise a request. In addition to this we also get an error message which even if we follow the intstructions, the error message will still appear.

This is affecting everyone on the latest version of IE11 and Google Chrome - Analyst or Non-Analyst.


I will log an issue through the Support portal and link back to here now.



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Hi @samwoo,

Yesterday morning we pushed a build to Live that is it finds issues in the configuration it shows this error message. This can be the evidence of the sync problem (caching) we had been talking. 
Did you or someone change today the Progressive Capture? Was a Dynamic Data field added or changed?

Regarding the Date fields, I don't find a relation to this issue. Can you provide more info about that problem? Perhaps a screenshot?



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HI @Daniel Dekel,

Thanks for getting in touch.

Ah yes I saw your message earlier about the caching issue. It's odd since we are unable to clear that error message when pressing CTRL + F5 or SHIFT + F5 regardless of the browser so wonder if there might be anything else we need to do to resolve it?

In this particular PCF nothing was changed since July: (the one that's active)

If you look at the config we have all these fields:

- There are no Override flags set on these missing fields at all.

- The Line Manager Details is a label consisting of ' ---- '   (four dashes to make the horizontal line) and the title "Line Manager Details"

- The label has a description of ' ---- '   (four dashes to make the horizontal line)

- The blurred out question is pulling from a Static Drop down list

This is what we see on the form:

Filling out the mandatory fields and pressing next, takes me to the next set of custom questions... not showing the missing ones.

Whether or not the above relates to the Cache issue - I am not sure. But no one has amended anything at all in the PCF in Hornbill.

I know I said the date field is missing, but I was going by with what my colleagues have been contacting me about. I never had time earlier to have a look... but now that i've got this time I've been in and can see the other fields are missing so I apologise - the title is a bit misleading. 

This New Starter Process is the one everyone uses so it's extremely important which is why those who contacted me are up in the air about it, which prompted me to log this incident.



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Hello @Daniel Dekel @Victor

While Sam is currently on leave at the moment,

I have taken this situation and I believe I have fixed the issue with New Starter Request. (the Workflow in Service Request Configuration was somehow linked to WBC Leaver Process.

However when I changed it and test it. Sadly the error still persist with New Starter Request process. [See screenshot below]

This is the matter of high urgency require to swiftly resolve this ASAP as Sam said it have an massive impact to our IT at the moment.




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