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Connect multiple nodes exits into one decisions node input

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 As you are probably aware it is not possible to have more that one input path into a business process decision node. Like this:


However, there are scenarios when configuration requires that multiple paths converge at some point into one decision node. Like this:


If you try and create a link the second node into the decision node, it will fail and this message will be displayed: "The target node has too many entry points". This scenario has been catered for by introducing an "intermediate" node in which all nodes converge before the decision, then create a single link between this intermediate node and the decision. There are occasions when this "intermediate" node is actually required in the process design but sometimes there isn't any so a simple choice would be to use a generic node. The obvious and most used choice is "Get Request Information - Get Request Details" node. Because this node one retrieves information/data about the request is not affecting the process progress or the associated request in any way. Like this:


This is a valid configuration and works as intended and achieves its purpose. However, we think there is a better, more efficient and resource friendly way to achieve what you need (merging multiple paths into one decision node). Although there is nothing technically wrong using a "Get Request Information - Get Request Details" to act as a placeholder for a connector, it is not the most effective way, especially if is used in many places in the process. keeping in mind that the more complex the design, the more time it would take to run the process, use more resources, etc. Ideally, we would want to make it as efficient as possible. Therefore instead of using an automated task as placeholder, why not use a stage checklist node. The advantage is that you will achieve the same but without making the process more cumbersome. Like this:




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