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Grouped nodes not expanding correctly

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Hi all,

I have created a BPM with a number of grouped nodes so I can collapse them and make the whole thing a little neater. 

However when I try and expand them again they all just open, in the top corner, piled on top of each other. 

I have reset the locations and saved it but when I open them up it is the same again. 

This happens in Chrome, IE and Edge and is making it impossible to work on the BPM. 

Before opening the group: 


After opening the group:


Can this be looked at urgently please? 

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  • Victor changed the title to Grouped nodes not expanding correctly
Guest Paul Alexander

@Dan Munns - I've had this problem a few times, and SOMETIMES I've found that it helps to zoom in or out of the page a couple of times, then close and reopen the browser to get the groups to expand properly.

It doesn't always work (and sometimes I have to drag each individual node BACK to where it should be) but I thought maybe it'd be worth a try....



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@Paul Alexander I have tried everything to be fair. Zoom out as far as I can and still see things, zoom in, refresh. Nothing seems to work. 

And to make matters worse if I move the nodes into the box again it moves the box as well sometimes which makes the rest of the BPM unreadable. 

@Victor I have PM'd the BPM as requested.

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Hi Dan,

As per my message,  I have pushed fix to live that should ensure that node positions are saved properly when you re-position them in group. Were any of those groups copied and pasted do you know? Anyway can you refresh admin tool and try re-positioning some of the nodes , then saving and see if they stay put. I tested using your process and it worked ok, so hopefully should be no problems.

I wasn't able to establish why they lost their positioning though so if the nodes lose positioning again, in this process or any other, can you make sure you don't save the process if your in middle of editing (as that will store them as 0,0). instead refresh the page and download the definition file and send it over to me to try replicate. 



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  • 4 weeks later...

@NeilWJ apologies for the long delay, I have been out of the office for a while. 

Although the nodes dont seem to revert back to 0,0 anymore, I have noticed that the group box will capture nodes that are underneath the box when you minimise it. 

So, when you expand it to work on the nodes within, if the expanded box covers other nodes (almost a certainty given what it is used for) when you minimise it again it will sometimes capture those nodes and bring them into the group. 

It has gotten to the point where I was sick of having to move them all around and put things back and so dont use them anymore, which is a shame as they have the capacity to be very useful. 


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@Dan MunnsI'll take a look at the expand collapse behaviour. It should only attach new nodes if you move or resize the group over nodes. I will add an option to "lock" the group so nothing can be added to it from moving/resize. That way if you want to move/resize it around without it picking up nodes you can and if you want to add nodes into group you have to drag the node into the group.


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