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Unable to log into Live.Hornbill anymore

lee mcdermott

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I can no longer log into our Live.hornbill instance. Everything was working fine on Monday, when I came to log in Tuesday it failed with the below error.

We use SAML2 authentication which links to our Google accounts to use single sign on.

Everyone else is still working fine so appears to be an issue with my account. I have tried resetting my password and relogging into Google but still get the same message. I have also tried on different devices and get the same issue.

I have logged into the Hornbill Admin console using the Admin account to check my hornbill account and all looks ok. I did notice that it said last log was this morning at 5:55am which seemed strange as I was still in bed?

I logged into the mobile app on my phone ok but don't think that uses single sign on or my google account?


Anyone have any ideas or seen this before?





saml2 error.JPG

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