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Expiry option/setting on "Wait For Request Owner" node


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In our Incident process we have automatic assignemt to a team and then a "Suspend, wait for request owner" node where the analyst in charge of the "Inbox" manually assigns tickets to an analyst depending on product and availability. Is there a way to set a timer on the suspend node so that if a request has not been assigned to an owner for a set period of time, a manager is notified?

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  • Victor changed the title to Expiry option/setting on "Wait For Request Owner" node
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@HHH in the next Service Manager update all Suspend options will have optional definable expiry periods.  This would allow you to set an expiry period and then perform another action in the workflow if the assignment has not been made in the timeframe you expect. This update is due in the next week to ten days

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@HHH i've had a think and can't think of anything we could use at the moment - I am going to enquire about a Get Team Info option, as this would allow us to do what you needed here i think - in the same way as get site, customer, service etc - once we have this we could use the current Team's variables - and possibly hold the email address of the Team Manager in one of the team attribute fields.  I'll raise the topic and see what comes back

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The ability to Expire all of the Suspend BPM Operations has been provided.  The will allow the BPM to automatically resume after the set time has passed.  An outcome of Expired is provided with each operation to allow for a decision node to determine if a particular path should be take in the case of an expiry occurring 


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On 11/22/2018 at 1:15 AM, HHH said:

Are you aware if there is a way through a flowcode variable or otherwise to notify the team manager without having to resort to hard coding each team and manager-user into the Business Process?


I just wanted to let you know that we have also provided a new operation, Get Team Info which will allow to you to get information such as the team manager.  Information about this new BPM node can be found here.

Hope this helps.


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