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Service Level - selectable display units

Martyn Houghton

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I understand using days, hours and minuets when configuring a service level target, however having them displayed in such units often confuses users (including me sometimes) when selecting or changing a service level on a incident.

Would it be possible to have the option to set the display units so it is more understandable to the user, i.e. being able to specify displaying it as Minutes, Hours, days?

Also perhaps having a link of at least display of the working time calendar name linked to the Service Level.




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  • Victor changed the title to Service Level - selectable display units

Hi Martyn,

We have an existing change in our backlog which will look at improving how the Service Level target times are displayed.  We are looking to include a view which will show the targets against the working time calendars so that it will be more clear to the user when the selected Service Level targets will be reached. I already have you linked to this change.  I've included this post in the change so that it will be updated as the change progresses.



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