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Raise New option in email view


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  • Victor changed the title to Raise New option in email view
6 minutes ago, Jeremy said:

Doesn't this take the email and raise a request from it?

So it seems I was missing something then :) .. Yes, it does raise a request based on the email that is being viewed... 

Can I suggest, perhaps your analysts can have two tabs open, one in Email View, the other in Request List view then it is only a matter of switching between the two?


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Hi @Jeremy

For me, I am a big user and fan of the Bookmarks.  Adding it here means that the user will have quick access no matter what they are doing in Hornbill, not just email.  I keep this panel open all of the time so that I have quick access to those things that I use the most. 


Here is an video that shows some of the basic features of the Bookmarks.  The look and feel shown is a bit data as it is an old video but the functionality is more or less the same.



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