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Custom Fields in Request List


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Would it be possible for either of these ideas to be investigated:

  1. To be able to add a custom field to the request list e.g. for changes we have the Impact/Risk that is completed and it would be great to show these in the request list
  2. The possibility of having custom request lists per request type as for different requests we focus on different things
  3. When using a View if you choose the request type by clicking on the Incident, Service Request etc icon it defaults back to you default View and not the one that you have selected.
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Hi @Jeremy we do have a story for allowing custom fields in the request list, the current thinking is these will be available for you to use in the view builder with options including:

* Using custom fields to build conditions

* Display custom field columns

* Option to set the display title for the custom field in that view

As no doubt you have seen, we can use custom fields for different purposes per request type and service and as such we need a means to make the column heading relate to the content, hence the approach to link these to and other options to use custom fields in your own views.

I've added you to this change which is currently being planned.


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