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Custom fields in Task missing


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Hi @Jeremy 

Did it ever work for you? Asking as I'm trying to replicate this.
You should see task questions straight forward when opening task and click complete button. Do you have any custom questions defined against outcome?
Also what browser are you using?


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@Miro Yes this worked fine for us we had a lot of these boxes to gather information and to drive parts of the BPM which are now broken, I believe that at some point last week there might have been an update to remove the reason boxes? (I guess)

Using Chrome v68 the latest also does not work in Firefox, as a side note all boxes are missing even the Reason boxes so maybe this was broken with the latest update?

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@Jeremy @Miro i think i can replicate this

1. If you are the assignee of the task, and you use the Quick Complete tick box on the task, the custom fields are displayed as shown below.


2. If you click on the title of the task, or are not the assignee / owner and do not have the quick complete option then the custom fields are not displayed

@Miro could you see what needs to be fixed?



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@Miro @Steven Boardman I cannot seem to replicate this to get the tasks details to show, I am the assignee of the task and clicking on it in multiple ways still does not produce the fields to fill in.


Also with the buttons that you pre-determine since they have been moved you cannot read the text that is displayed on the button, is there a way of dynamically sizing this area?

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@Jeremy, regarding the width of the outcomes, two things will be added, one it will expand up to a max size, so as long as you don't have a very long text, it will display. If you do have a very long text, you can add a description to the outcome in the admin tool and it will be displayed as tooltip when you hover over. It will also display the outcome label as a tooltip.

Should be soon.


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So I have been testing this and it would appear that they do work as described, on some of the tasks you have to choose the answer first and it prompts you for the text to fill in.

But at least we have now understood how these now work after the change.

Thanks for all you help

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