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Progressive Capture and Business process screen suggestion


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I was working on a progressive capture this morning and had a couple of thoughts. I have no idea how complex these would be to implement, or even if there is an appetite for them but I thought I'd mention.

  1. I accidentally deleted a custom form I had heavily configured. An undo button/shortcut would be most welcome!
  2. I found myself wandering which services etc. the progressive capture I was working on was associated with. Is it possible to get that summarised in the screen, a button we can push to pop up everything associated with the ProCap or BusPro?

Like I said, just some ideas.



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+1 to both of these. 

Especially the undo. You have no idea how many times I have gone to click edit or move up and clicked the bin instead. You are then faced with the choice, "Is it better to undo all the changes I have made this session or just recreate the question?" 


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Hi @chrisnutt thanks for the suggestions.

We have added an Undo option to the PCF designer

@Dan Munns @Kelvin FYI

This will make it into an admin console update shortly, so keep an eye out on the release notes

In regards to seeing where PCF's  and Business flows are used, we are looking at options for this and if we can find a suitable implementation then we'll post back here


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