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Multiple values on one line in an 'Or Contains' statement

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I'm setting up a ticket which will be assigned to one specific analyst within a team based on the Division selected in the Progressive Capture.

So, if the Division selected is Div A, then it will be assigned to Analyst A

If the Division selected is Div B, it will be assigned to Analyst B.

Is there a way of adding MULTIPLE static text options to one OR statement? So, if the Division selected is Div C OR Div D, then it will be assigned to Analyst C.

Obviously I can add these OR statements one at a time, but we have 28 different divisions and 5 different analysts, so adding each Division one at a time as part of a Custom Expression is really time consuming. Can I separate each variable by commas or semi-colons or something, or do I have to add each option separately? 


Hope that makes sense.....




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@Paul Alexander,

So i have added ability to test many values inline using OR . The OR is case sensitive so has to be CAPS and have space either side. So in the value field you could do var = "hardware OR laptop OR desktop". I also added support for AND, so could do var != "hardware AND laptop AND desktop" .... you cannot mix the OR and AND as that would, well, be having an inline expression engine in expression builder.

Note you also apear tyo be on older version of admin tool as you do not have the new customer expression dialog (as attached).

Anyway will put this change through dev and beta then push to live around this time next week.



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