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Assign Action - Team members not updating when Assign to Service Team used

Martyn Houghton

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We have noticed that when a request you have open is updated by the BPM Assign to Service Team after completing the preceding human activity, the Team value is updated correctly in the Assign action tool, but the members display when you expand the Analyst drop down are the member for the previous team, in our case our 1st Tier team, and not the members of the team selected by the BPM.

It appears the refresh process to the clients with the request open is not fully working when this 'Assign to Service Team' node is triggered.

We are having to manually force a refresh to get the correct values to appear.



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@Claire Holtham - the issue raised by Martyn here was not introduced by build 1288. Even if, the issue occurs in a very specific scenario aso unless you have teh same scenario (BP configuration) then you woudl not be affected even if by any remote chance, the issue was introduced in build 1288.

The issue has now been fixed and the fix will be included in next SM update.

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