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Using Board Manager for SCRUM


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Hi all,

I have a colleague who is currently in the process of identifying a tool for Agile/Scrum activity and has (so far) started looking at both Trello and Hornbill Board Manager. Does anyone else use the tool in this way? What are your thoughts/feedback?

My preference is to use Hornbill in order to benefit from the integration with requests, projects, etc. 

Thanks in advance


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Hi @dwalby

Oddly enough I've just added a screenshot of an example Scrum sprint board to the Boardmanager store page today so this usage is definitely in our minds :)

One of the upcoming features we're hoping to add is the ability to set values (eg story points) against cards which would help support the use of Boardmanager for scrum. I don't have a timescale for the release of this yet but hopefully will be available soon.  My example Scrum board is below if it helps.





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Hi @dwalby,

Based on my personal experience in Hornbill, we used to use Trello and needed a way of linking Requests to a board as well as see the status of the request in the card. At the beginning we did that twice; updated the request and then updated the card on the board. After that we started to create scripts to integrate Trello with Service Manager but that was quite complicated.

Then we decided to develop our own board for Service Manager and abandoned Trello. That way we had all in sync, a big step through!

Now we have Board Manager app. We can not only have Requests but also other objects like emails, tasks and simple cards.

You can limit the amount of cards in one lane, so for example you have a team of 5 people and you know that people should not work on more than one story at a time. So, you can limit it to 5 cards.

You can also add and move cards based on BPM flow. There are many more useful features so you can already use it as a scrum board.

And, as @trevorharris mentioned, we are looking to make it even better for Scrum specific features.

So it can only get better ;-)


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